Caliber & Barrel. Nor surprisingly, the new gun is chambered in 5.56 NATO and will also run .223 Rem. ... Sights. Sights are pretty standard on the AR-556 rifle. Ruger chose a folding rear sight that is spring loaded for quick use. The front sight is an A2-style with gas block and a bayonet lug. ... Front Sight: milled A2-style: Rear Sight. This barrel assembly has a 14.5" barrel with an M4 profile, 1x9 twist, CAR handguards with single heat shields, and A2 Flash Hider. Chrome Moly Vanadium. M4 Feed Ramps. 14.5" Length. 1x9 Twist. A2 Flash Hider. Manganese Phosphated. Phosphated under Front Sight Base. Taper Pins on A2 Front Sight Base. Threaded Muzzle. M4 Profile. Chamber: 5.56 X. R GUNS TRR15 FORGED M4 AR15 RIFLE - BLACK | 5.56NATO | 16" GOVT. PROFILE BARREL | A2 HANDGUARD & GRIP | A2 FRONT SIGHT & FLASH HIDER R Guns New For Sale and In Stock. Flip-Up Mini AR-15 Front & Rear Iron Sights $34.99) Current Stock: ... like those A2 sights you've undoubtedly peaked through. But you also want to rock some glass, or a nice reflex sight . ... Polymer80 Lower Receiver and Jig Kit ( AR-15 , Black) $99.99.

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