Since you have the Samsung PIT file that's exactly for your Galaxy device, you're all set to flash it using Samsung Odin Tool along with other firmware binaries. If you want to flash a Samsung firmware with a Samsung PIT file, you must do 3 things: Click the PIT tab in Odin and add the PIT file to it. Check the ' Re-Partition ' option. Extract NVMs contents (ROM & Flash), in order to analyze and evaluate the security of the embedded firmware, and extract secret informations Evaluate the efficiency of existing countermeasures The Students will be shown how such informations can be used to define easier methods to find / exploit firmware + hardware weaknesses for vulnerability analysis as well as. The goal of this meeting was to extract the firmware from the bulb. Using a magnifying glass, we managed to find the part numbers of the components on board. Quick googling revealed their identity: 88MW300 — A Marvell Wi-Fi Microcontroller system-on-chip (SoC) 25Q16BVSIG — 16M-Bit Serial Flash Memory Chip. Firmware extraction. First of all, we downloaded from the official website the same firmware images (version 4.10 and 4.70) for the USG310 device that were deployed by our customer. We started working on version 4.10 of the firmware: the file 410AAPJ2C0.bin is the firmware image in ZIP format. Unfortunately, the ZIP archive was password.

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