GPS Location - No cell service needed, the blue dot uses your phones GPS to show your current location on the map.; Record Your Ride - Track your ride to see a pink line on the map showing where you've been, helping you navigate the map. Save your ride as a "Ridelog" after your done and optionally sync to Strava.Compass Direction - The blue dot has an arrow pointing in the direction you are. Synonyms for Iditarod Trail in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Iditarod Trail. 3 words related to Iditarod Trail: AK, Alaska, Last Frontier. What are synonyms for Iditarod Trail?. Iditarod Trail Map by Jennifer Thermes (2009) Sign in Customer Service Cart Houzz. Tweet +Add to Cart. Available Sizes inches / cm Petite $57.50 Small $69.00 .... It's been reported that in the first Iditarod race, at least 15 dogs died.The body count has continued to pile up since then, and other dogs barely make it out alive. Consider the 2022 race: By the time it ended on March 19, nearly 250 dogs had been pulled off the trail because of exhaustion, illness, injury, and other causes, forcing the rest to work even harder.

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