Got some weird bearing(?) noise when the clutch is up. Had a new clutch kit fitted to cure it but still the same and slowly got worse. The Clutch Pedal. The clutch pedal uses a clutch cover bolted to a thick piece of aluminium (flywheel). There are two linear bearing blocks, one each side of the clutch and a 16mm rod runs through the clutch. The release bearing is fixed to the rod. The pedal will push the rod and activate the clutch. It frequently occurs that we hear a release bearing noise on your Volkswagen Up!. We will see where this sound comes from and what you will have to do to end it. Mechanical parts. air conditioning noise; alternator noise; Engine noise; Brake noise; Brake caliper noise; Timing belt; Clutch pedal noise; Gearbox noise; ... Release bearing noise on. You may also want to inspect the release bearing and check that the pedal stop is in place. Clutch Failure Symptom 5: Clutch Pedal Feels Loose or Spongey. If your clutch pedal feels loose or spongey, then check the release bearing or clutch fork for damage. Frequently we find failure in the pressure-plate diaphragm spring in mechanical units.

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