Jun 24, 2020 · How To Decide If The Thermistor Is Faulty. The CF range of Waeco fridges have a known fault. The thermistor often fails after several years. If you have a temperature problem with your Waeco fridge, then there’s a good chance the thermistor has died. Waeco install the thermistor at the bottom of the fridge on the underside.. Joined Apr 10, 2012. 615 Posts. Describe your issue The assistant will guide you. Chat 1:1 with an au appliance technician Licensed Experts are available 24/7. ... G,day, i have a waeco 40ltr fridge freezer, can,t turn temp up or down.fridge does get cold, just can,t adjust temp. can i buy the part of you,. Engel units on average use 9% less power @ full power (12.8v or higher) At 12.5v or lower Waco uses 4% less power on.

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