Getting Unstuck ^Walking i n Abundance _ M. Ian Blanchard. | James 2: 14 t 26 | June 19, 2019. The Sermon on the Plain concludes in today's lesson with two parables: (1) the Tree and its Fruit, and (2) the Wise and Foolish Builders. The first helps disciples see the difference between true and false faith. ... Out of the "abundance" or "overflow" of the heart the mouth speaks. The Greek word is perisseuma-- "abundance, fullness.". From Ministry Pass Description: This six-part sermon series looks at Jesus's genealogy in Matthew 1, helping the audience understand why this list of "begats" is important. By focusing on the ways Matthew deviates from the pattern in Matthew 1:1-17, we will explore how the genealogy allows us to understand Jesus's. 6.2 Time and Practice To Walk In The Grace of God. 6.3 Living Openly in Community. 7 Will You Commit Walking in the Grace of God. 7.1 Walking in the Grace of God in Marriage. 7.2 Walking in the Grace of God in Parenting. 7.3 Walking in the Grace of God Toward Leaders. 7.4 Grace Toward Those Who Are Different.

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